Web hosting that you can count on forever is important for many of us online because we, when we decide to build a web site, particularly one that is to function like a business, expect the business to be around for a while -- if not forever. This can be a challenging search, especially for someone who is new to the Internet game, and getting that first decision right means getting off on the right step.

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So, for starters, let's touch on a few things that you're going to want to see from your host. They are all reasonable requests from someone in search of a strong host to perform its requisite duties, but unfortunately, as I have learned in some seven or so years in this game, is not always the case.

Anyway, the specific demands you should have for any host include:

Up time. Yes, up time. Believe it or not, some hosts have a difficult time maintaining their creaky old servers, and for this reason, their users are often stuck dealing with the lights going "on and off." Of course this is not always the case with some of the best hosts. But it does still remain an issue with some. GoDaddy vs 1and1 Comparison

Technical support is another issue you'll want to have ironed out. Guess what, working on the inside of the web is like opening the hood of a car for the first time. It's a little daunting, and having a decent technical support team is really helpful for beginners.

Finally, and potentially most importantly, you'll want to know that you can scale your business up if needed. 99% of web projects are fine on shared hosting, and should be started there.

But to know that you have the simple option of giving your site the needed server support way down the road when traffic comes pouring in is a blessing, and in my opinion, a need. In fact, I have a little over 200 sites, and of those sites, only two require anything more than shared hosting.

So to be honest, in reality, shared affordable hosting from a company will be fine. But knowing you can get that boost at the flip of a switch is helpful too. As far as my needs go, hostgator.com has them all covered.


Visit Hostgator.com Today!

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